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To create a virtual platform that vitalizes and stimulates self discovery by providing universal information and transformative experiences that will expand consciousness.


Established in 2000, IAM Center has been a pillar for the advancement of self-growth and discovery. IAM uses conventional and unconventional methods to assist individuals in the full search of their true selves. IAM Center’s products and services include public speaking engagements, seminars, books, video-casts, podcasts and individual or group sessions. With our commitment to integrity and creativity, IAM Center sets no limit to the directions it takes to educate.


IAM Center is dedicated to developing a playful and productive work culture that is essential in today’s world. It offers a uniquely open environment that focuses on maximizing learning and creativity.


Joseph Maldonado

Chief Executive

Joseph is a compassionate leader and visionary.

He has been a full-time Instructor of Communications for the Department of Culture and Communications (later renamed The School of Education) at New York University, during which time he completed his Master of Arts Degree in Human Communication and a year and a half of study toward his Humanities PhD. He later joined corporate America, utilizing his communication and training skills in the field of strategic planning, management and customer service. At the end of 2000 he returned to his passion and began a personal life consulting practice, known today as IAM Center.

Joseph’s primary idea for IAM Center was to create a physical locale that would hold and support the community as they sought, processed, and uncovered their own inner center. From sessions, seminars, and forums, IAM Center accomplished this goal successfully. Today, it is expanding into the virtual realm. Through its website, YouTube Channel and more recently, it’s weekly live broadcast on Bidchat, IAM Center is now accessible to the worldwide community.

Joseph has co-authored two books: “The Sex Seminar: Are you ready for the Red Pill?” and “Lessons from the F*%#ING Master” (LFM). LFM is the first part of a series of fictional accounts of conversations with a truthful, brash and hard-hitting teacher. Part two of LFM is currently in the making.

Julia Reese

Volunteer Advisor

Amar Lalli

Business Operations

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