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And here's why I chose Joseph at IAM Center as my mentor..... I was guided to Joseph by my good friend in Deep Cove at a time when I needed a new perspective... Quite often when we are experiencing challenges in life we turn to people who have the same set of beliefs and limitations like friends and family.... That’s…like going to the hardware store for milk.

I had not been in Vancouver very long.  Joseph scared me when I first met him... and take it from me you do not want a mentor that is going to BLOW smoke up your ass. If you want an ass kicking mentor this is him.


For those of you looking to expand, learn, grow, gain more knowledge and wisdom and learn more about communications and human relations this man is BRILLIANT, relentless and powerful. He will take you deep into your shadow and help you explore all aspects of self and others.... Joseph will bring you face to face with your own reflections and guide you on a journey of self-enquiry and exploration so you can question where all the SHIT is coming from. He's an Angel in human form... And yes he gives a FUCK.

Donna Townley

Feb 19th, 2016

"Always the relationship with oneself is the one we need to heal the most."

I was scared shitless but I signed up for IAM Center's Ego Seminar about seven months ago. I've read damn near every self-help and healing book out there, I've done hypnotherapy, counseling, therapy, seen shrinks, had life coaches, completed yoga teacher training, watched a bazillion so-called "guru genius self-help healers" talk, and I did the landmark forum before it really became a cult. I didn't want to sign up for another thing or course… but I did, and I'm happy I took the leap! I loved what I learned and still find myself tapping into my toolbox from that Ego Seminar weekend almost every day.

If you're looking to become a more aware person, if you'd like to get closer to understanding what exactly is going on in your life, if you want to live more intentional and authentic, or generally just want to be a more fulfilled and better human being then… I can't recommend these wizards, and the tools they will give you for your life, enough.

Casey-Jo Loos

March 25th 2016 

Joseph is a teacher filled with truth wisdom love and compassion for the human spirit! I’ve experienced incredible insight, knowledge and gained tools through his teachings which have led me to a greater acceptance and knowing of myself. In addition, IAM weekend seminars offered me an experience of sharing, intimacy and connectedness that I’ve rarely experienced before.

I long for everyone to share this experience and move through the truth of human relations until it’s an everyday experience. IAM’s teachings transforms lives… thank you IAM Center.



Yoga Instructor

My mind has never been so aware! The Communication Seminar woke me up. I was starting to sink again and this was just the kick in my butt I need to get me going. I feel calm peaceful yet excited. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me yet this is only the beginning, thanks to the seminar.”


Moira P.

Administration Assistant

The Communication Seminar was fabulous; I was impressed by the high-caliber of our seminar leaders, along with the materials and the manner of their presentation. I received a tremendous amount of growth and insight. The tools IAM Center provided the group has me viewing life through new lenses of understanding, contentment and happiness. What a gift it has been! Thank-You!


Vesna M.

Assistant Architectural Designer

I thought that IAM Center would give me skills to better my life, instead they showed me that I already have the abilities but, I just didn’t know how to use or listen to them. The Communication Seminar helped me to see the areas in my life that needed to be addressed.

Joseph said, “Time heals no wounds…unless you work on it.” Somehow I was under the impression that if I waited long enough all those emotions would heal themselves or go away on their own.  I have walked many paths, hurt many people, felt hurt of all types, and I have seen and felt joy… but I have never really learnt to “see” self. That’s what you have taught me. Thank-you all I would have never dared to walk through that door of healing without IAM Center.

Jeanette R.


I really enjoyed it! it is not like a pill you take and your life is now changed; you have to be ready to work on yourself and the seminar gives you the tools to do so without pushing you. I have a new general “vision” in my way of thinking. I need to fill my cup first before trying to fill others.”

Justine H.

Sales Executive

IAM provide me with a final insight of where my character comes from. It was an experience second to none.  The awareness and reflection processes will have all cups full and overflowing I'm sure. Thanks IAM Center for the great leadership and for germinating my seed to try my best!

Wayne N.

Petroleum Engineer Consultant

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